How to Use Windows 10’s Game Bar to Record A Game

Microsoft has introduced many new features such as taking screenshots, recording video game clips, and using the Xbox app to attract the attention of new gamers. In all of these new features, gamers use the game bar to record video the most difficult. Since it requires a bit of setting and adjustments, it is not that easy to use. However, to alleviate this problem, we have provided a detailed method to record a game using Windows 10’s game bar.

Windows 10 Game Bar to Record a Video

There are many ways to record games using the game bar. The most convenient ones are given below.

Use the shortcut keys to record

To use this method, you will first need to learn the shortcut keys that can be used to record. Open the Xbox App in your Windows 10 and create a new recording of 30 seconds by pressing (Win + Alt + G) keys. This method will record a 30 seconds video for you. For a screenshot, you can press the (Win + Alt + PrintScreen) keys. These are simple methods; however, if you want to record a video from one point to another, you can press (Win + Alt + R) to start and stop.

Using the game bar option

To record the gameplay using the game bar option, you can use (Win + Alt + R) keys to start and stop recording. Also, to capture screenshots, you can use the (Win + G) command. You will see an option named “Yes, this is a game” once you capture the screenshot.

The default location of Gamebar’s screenshot and video is Captures Folder. You will be able to see the videos in MP4 format and the images in PNG format.

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